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Larsa for Engineering Consultants & Trading is a Jordanian company which was established in Amman on 2001. Larsa and through our International partners and through our experts, who gained an excellent field experience in electrical / mechanical / civil engineering and project management, implementing many successful contract within the few  years of the company life.

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Since its foundation Larsa has been providing Engineering Services in the field of Water, Wastewater treatment and Dams. Utilizing the latest technology, applying proven engineering processes, and relying on a strong network of international resources, Larsa provides a wealth of experience and specialist expertise to the worldwide water industry. At the forefront of private sector participation, Larsa’s core capabilities include: water and wastewater process engineering, water and wastewater treatment, water infrastructure investment and operation, water asset management and water leisure facilities design and construction.

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Other  than water & wastewater treatment, Larsa also active in several engineering sectors, such as oil & gas processing, power generation, power transmission and distribution systems, water resources development, groundwater exploitation, urban and rural areas development, land reclamation, project construction management, environment protection, social and institutional studied, project financing.