Oil & Gas Processing

– Designing and constructing oil refining and gas treatment plants.
– Designing and constructing oil refining and gas treatment units such as distillation units, treatment units, upgrading units etc.
– Designing and constructing of oil and gas pipelines.
– Design & Supply of main control systems and distribution panels.
– Supplying all the necessary equipments needed by the oil and gas industry.
– Planning and implementing oil and gas fields’ developments.
– Supervision of plants construction, operation, and maintenance

Power Generation

 Power system planning 
  Hydroelectric power generation
 Thermoelectric power generation
  None-conventional renewable energy sources
 Cogeneration and district heating
 Supervision of plant operation & maintenance

Power transmission and Distribution

–  HV and HHV transmission lines
– MV and LV distribution systems
–  Rural electrification
–  Dispatching planning

Water Resources Development

Multipurpose projects
– Dams and associated hydraulic structures
–  Groundwater research and development
–  Water supply for urban and rural areas

Irrigation and Agricultural Development

Irrigation and drainage systems
  Integrated area development
  Sociological / socio-economic studies
  Soil & land survey
  Agricultural development and research
  Agricultural services
  Institutional development


– Urban development planning
– Industrial complexes planning
– Transportation (roads, railway and harbors) –
-Construction of buildings, offices, stores, workshops. Sewerage systems 
-Water treatment plants

Project Construction Management

– Management of relation with design engineers and contractors
–  Planning and control of timing and costs
–  Quality control
–  Works supervision and assistance


Environmental survey and impact assessment.
– Renewable Energy sources development.
– Carbon emissions reduction.
– Human settlement and resettlement planning.
– Emission control and water treatment plant
– Management and monitoring plans